• 1W/3W High Power LED

    ProLight PBVA-4FWE-F1G 4W Power LED

    The input power is 4 Watt, the multi-chip ultra high power ProEngine Serie delivers never before seen luminous flux output from a single emitter. The superficial illuminating nature of ProEngine makes them the preference bicycle lamps, typical applications include exterior automotive lighting Bending and Daytime Running Light.

  • Phenix 3535

    • Industry standard 3535 package.
    • Available with viewing angle 130 degree or 55 degree [PK2N-NV series] .
    • PK2N-NV series is designed with narrow viewing angle to deliver more focuse point light source.
  • Proeon Series Uranus

    • 1W
    • 3W
    • 5W
    • RGB 3×1 W
    • RGB 3×3 W
    • RGBW
    • RGBWW
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