HI Link been deeply involved in the industry for more than ten years, and have served more than 10W+ customers. WiFi modules, Bluetooth modules, power modules and other products are in more than 80 countries and regions, providing customers with professional and reliable IoT module products.

The Hi-Link Power Supply Module is a plastic enclosed PCB mounted isolated power supply module. It is widely used in a smart home, automation and control, communication equipment, instrumentation, and other industries.
AC-DC step-down isolation power supply module 40M12A 220V to 12V40W regulated power supply + EMC circuit

Product Range:-

DC DC Power Module

  • DC DC 1W
  • DC DC 2W
  • DC DC 3W
  • DC DC 5W
  • DC DC 10W
  • DC DC 20W
  • DC DC 30W
  • DC DC 40W
  • DC DC 50W
  • DC DC 6W

AC DC Power Module

  • AC DC 2W
  • AC DC 3W
  • AC DC 5W
  • AC DC 10W
  • AC DC 15W
  • AC DC 20W
  • AC DC 30W
  • AC DC 40W

Communication Module

  • WiFi Router Module
  • IOT WiFi Module
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Lora Module

Sensor Module

  • Voice Module
  • Radar Module
  • Face Recognition Module
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